Participation… The New Horizon in Dental CE

Dental Meeting Planners

Need to fill your lecture room?

Dr. Sangrik has lectured at dental meetings since 1999. His experience ranges from small, intensive groups of a dozen to large venues of over 900.

All of Dr. Sangrik's courses are available with participatory modules, if desired.

Additionally, all of Dr. Sangrik's courses are modular in design and can be adapted to meet your meeting's time constraints.

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

The complete course is 8 hours in length, 5 hours of lecture material and 3 hours of participatory exercises. A popular option in dental convention settings is to offer two half-day programs. The morning section is strictly lecture and is a pre-requisite to the afternoon workshop.

The Science of Dental Fear

The complete course is 8 hours in length including the participatory section. However, a popular option is to offer a half-day course as a survey level program of the subject.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

The complete lecture course is 8 hours in length. However, an abridged survey of the topic can be offered. The course can also focus exclusively on nitrous oxide or also include the oral sedation component, as desired.

Vital Signs and Patient Monitoring

The complete course with participation is 4 hours. However, it can be adapted to shorter time constraints.


The courses can be combined around the theme "Safely Treating the Apprehensive Patient." By doing so, dental meetings can offer a educational tract for those desiring to explore a topic in depth while still retaining the ability of offering individual courses on an ala carte basis. "Safely Treating the Apprehensive Patient" is a topic of interest to everyone: general dentists, all dental specialties, hygienists, dental assistants and business staff. Consequently, it is a highly marketable topic.

Clinical Courses

Dr. Sangrik has a trained and experience group of assistant instructors available if you desire to offer clinical courses on various levels of sedation for dentistry.

We can also coordinate conducting the academic portion of a comprehensive sedation course during your meeting and then offer clinical participation module for those interested at our facility at a separate time.

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