Participation… The New Horizon in Dental CE

Onsite Consulting

All of Dr. Sangrik's programs can be provided in the comfort and convenience of your office. His medical emergencies and sedation courses are the most popular.

Onsite consulting offers multiple benefits:

  • Customized format to your office's needs
  • Scheduling convenience (no need to wait for a nearby course offering)
  • Your entire dental team participates
  • No travel costs make onsite consultations more affordable than you think

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Our flagship program!!! Dentistry is sophisticated. Patients are older; many with complex medical histories or undiagnosed problems. Medical emergencies can and do happen during dental treatment. This course would prepare you and your entire team to identify and manage a wide range of problems.

The Science of Dental Fear

Apprehensive dental patients are a problem every dental office confronts on a daily basis. Yet few dental teams have examined the problem, let alone have a strategy to address this barrier to dental care. Upon completing this course, a dental team will have the ability to identify the type of the patient's fear and mechanisms to address it.

Sedation Courses

By taking the one the sedation series (Nitrous Oxide, Mild Nitrous Oxide-&-Oral, Moderate Nitrous Oxide-&-Oral) in your office can reduce your costs by providing your own patients for the clinical component of the course. In fact, by using your own patient for the sedation experiences, your office can actually generate income while you and your team learn!

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